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Pay for a One on One Career Consulting Session

Book a one-on-one consultation & counselling session to meet with one of our experts who would answer your questions and clear doubts without judgement about the following: - Let's talk about the following!







-Job search

-Work permit



-Career Switch

- Apprenticeship


Our Advice are major around skills, how to get your desired job, industries and career growth.

Disclaimer: Please, note that we do not give professional advise on immigration, we are not an immigration or travel agency and we do not give immigration advise, we do not assist in processing visa application. We are just an IT & Software Consulting Company and A professional training provider, giving support in job search and career growth within Europe and North America.


We are happy to refer our clients who have such queries to travel exert/professionals, immigration  lawyers or travel agencies etc.


We do not give advice on what job or career path to take. But we are happy to give the best recommendation on what role or career path to choose based on your previous experience, studies, and current situation/CV.

After payment, please allow for a same day response for a confirmation of your time/hour booked.

Time or hours booked could slightly change due to logistics. 

And incase of any dispute in accepting a quick time change, refund will immediately be processed and can be received back in your bank account using the same bank card used to pay for this such refund processed. Refund process could take up to 2 to 5 working days.

Please, contact us through email or telephone for clarification in case you have any question.

Bethel Digitech have the sole discretion to choose to host or not host a group or individual due to some factors that may not be disclosed. If we decline a booking, refund will be processed immediately as written above. 

We have the sole discretion to choose your most suitable consultant for your one on one, who would be most useful and suitable for your situation based on your information provided to us on your booking form.


We may hire an external consultant, eg employment consultant, immigration consultant, travel consultant, recruitment consultant trainer etc. depending on a client's requirement.

Meeting will only be attended virtually via our Microsoft teams via website meeting link below.


1.     If you join our meeting through a phone or tablet, please download the app called Teams on your phone or tablet. Teams is a Microsoft application.   

2.     To join through a laptop or a desktop computer, YOU DO NOT NECESSARILY NEED TO DOWNLOAD THIS APP simply click the link below, this message asking you to join meeting. Follow instructions to fill in your names and join. 


You can use this link below to join meeting.


Bethel Digitech Management

Let’s Work Together to help your Career focus

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Ireland: +35315135570

U.K.: +442045770014 

Canada: +16475585146

USA: +13477271764

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