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Our One on One T&C

Please read our One on One terms and condition below carefully. Once you have checked the box on our booking form, this means you have agreed to our to Bethel Digitech Company policies and our One on One consulting terms and condition below. Please note these terms and condition may change from time to time, so you have the responsibility to ensure you read this T&C or any updated version before you fill our booking form, make any payment  or accept our terms and condition.

Bethel Digitech One on One
Consulting Terms & Condition

Please, note that our video for one on one consulting meeting may be recorded via Microsoft teams and if you attend our one on one, you have automatically given us the permission to record this meeting.

And if you do no want to be a part of this recordings, please do not attend any of our meeting. This meeting will only be used for record purpose that you have attended this meeting and that we have provided you the exact service you requested for as we have advertised, and will not be transferred to any third party company.


Your detail/data collected during your booking will not be used for any other thing other than to either contact you by phone or email for any opportunity or used to sending you updates through email By Bethel Digitech, Bethel Careers or Bethel Digitech parent or sister company(s) from time to time about our products and opportunities, which you will see an option in this mail to opt out of our updates at anytime you feel you do not want to receive any update from us anymore. We will not transfer your details to any other third party company(s).

1.     If you join our interview through a phone or tablet, please download the app called Teams on your phone or tablet. Teams is a Microsoft application.   

2.     To join through a laptop or a desktop computer, YOU DO NOT NECESSARILY NEED TO DOWNLOAD THE APP simply click the link below, this message asking you to join meeting. Follow instructions to fill in your names and join.   

       Use this link to join Our Webinar


 A booking can be cancelled by our management for reasons that may not be disclosed even after a booking was approved.


We reserve sole right to deny any individual or group from accessing any of our consulting session. If you would like to come with a company for your meeting, , you must inform us and get approval  on or before 24hours before such can be granted based on company policy. Refund will be processed immediately if we have cancelled this booking for our own reasons.


If you wish to reschedule your booking, this must be done 48hours to 24hours to meeting date and time. Else this meeting would be considered a no-show and in this  case, a refund would not be granted.






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