Bethel Digitech Work Placement

Programme Terms & Condition


Bethel Digitech Work Placement is a program designed to assist unemployed individuals especially graduates, to give them training and new skills which enables them become employable to seek a new job in an industry where they desire to pursue a career within the industry skills  we offer.

It is not an obligation that Bethel Digitech finds or gets a job for any individual who is attending or partaking in our work placement, your dedication and willingness to learn, adapt and gain these skills that we are offering you can help you a great deal into becoming transformed to an employable person.


Industries skills we offer includes, IT, software, customer service, finance, financial technology (Fintech), Banking Operations, Technical Support , Data Science, Cloud Solutions etc.

An individual on our work placement program will be entitled to use Bethel Digitech name on their CV/Resume from day one of started a work placement program with us, stating that you are a work experience trainee on your CV. During your work experience training, a candidate will attend a CV Workshop, where their CV will be fix by our CV workshop team to a professional standard and there will also be a collaboration meeting where we share job search tips and job links assistance, this usually commences after the first 30 days of your work placement.

Job search will be a combine/collaborative effort between a candidate and Bethel Digitech - Careers Team. There is no obligation on Bethel Digitech - company to find  them a job as we currently do not offer recruitment agency services rather, we only give moral support, and collaborate with  trainees in job search, with job search and interview.

If any individual or a company has desired to pay for a service or partake in our work Placement program for any other reason, other than as described above, please discontinue using this site and or any of our services.

if any individual, candidate or a company has intended to come and gain skills in our work placement program with our company, for any other reason other than the original purpose as described above and as will be described below in this terms of service on our website and according to our terms  and condition of our work placement training, if any one is found guilty of such, they will be disallowed from this training immediately.


A work placement candidate is required to provide themselves a private laptop and smart phone to enable them train professionally with good/average internet speed minimum of 4G internet speed.


Bethel Digitech is not responsible to provide any device (Laptop or Smart Phone) to a work placement candidate.

Data privacy is a high priority for us. Bethel Digitech work tools sign in passwords, log in details, data, third party company details etc if any. and any other work information are treated as highly confidential and must remain only within a work placement candidate.

Duration of Bethel Digitech work placement program is a minimum of three months (3months). Unbreakable 3 months, whether fees is been paid on a MONTH TO MONTH or QUARTERLY/3MONTHS UPFRONT basis, or on BETHEL DIGITECH SPONSORSHIP admission.

Training duration could be longer as written above if Bethel Digitech approves for a candidate to continue their work placement after their first or 3 months training on a valid reason that this candidate requires further training in their career pursuit.


Bethel Digitech reserves the right to discontinue an individual from our work placement program immediately for no reason especially if a candidate is found of misconduct or violating company policy also, if the original purpose of coming into our work placement is been abused by a candidate. A refund of remains of unused fees (amount) shall be refunded to a candidate. Money refunded will be retuned into the same bank card, or bank details that was originally used to make payment on invoice. 


Company DATA, PASSWORD, and all information must be treated highly confidential and must not be shared with fellow candidates or any one else etc.  internally or externally, anyone other than yourself. Any such data must not be stored on private devices, and must be deleted immediately if downloaded on a device for example a training purpose etc. If stored unless for official or training purpose without been authorised, It will be considered a violation and a breach of company's data, privacy policy and confidentiality. Any such data must be deleted immediately after used for training purpose. Disciplinary and or legal action may be carried out on such individual if found out.



If a candidate refuses to pay up their monthly or quarterly fee at any time, Bethel Digitech company reserves the right to stop their work placement program. Bethel Digitech also reserves the sole right to give or not to give a grace period if necessary till a particular time to allow for a candidate to pay up their fees.


Bethel Digitech is not under any obligation to give a grace period. And if a candidate still refused to pay their fee after an expiration of a stipulated grace period given, as approved by the company, a candidate will be disallowed to continue and will be disabled from the company training tools and system immediately.

Grace periods are given especially based on valid reason as approved by

Bethel Digitech Management.

If a grace period has been exhausted, a candidate may be notified before they are disallowed from their work placement program. And we may give a period of time to pay their fees even though they may not be allowed to continue until they have paid up. And if a candidate were given a grace period and if they did not pay up at a given time, the company reserves the right to disallow them from their work placement program. And an email notification you of termination may be sent out.

This terms & condition is applicable to both self sponsored, and Bethel Digitech sponsored candidates.


 A self sponsored candidate pays a hundred percent of individual sponsorship cost of a quote updated for a particular month or quarter for an individual sponsorship quote.


In the case of Bethel Digitech sponsored candidate, Bethel Digitech will pay between 91 to 95% of the total cost of a total worth of skill depending on skill-set, quote category, company policy, discretion and subject to Bethel Digitech discretion and approval.


For Bethel Digitech Sponsorship, a candidate will be invoiced and to pay between 5% to 15% of the total worth/cost of a work placement skill. This fee is called service charge fee, while Bethel Digitech pays herself the total cover cost of the balance of between 90% to 80% depending on skill-set and company policy. Approval of Bethel Digitech Sponsorship is at the sole discretion of Bethel Digitech. 

Individual cost is very minimal compared to the worth of a work placement skill, and depending on a chosen skill-set.


Bethel Digitech work placement hours; is one day every week, between a minimum of 1hour to maximum of 2 hours, one day in a week. Duration or work placement is a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 6 months in total, depending on requirement of a future job spec. A minimum of 3MONTHS is highly recommended. 



A candidate is required to make a bookings of their next training/shift schedule on our company booking sheet 48hours before training/shift day, and will be approved by a trainer before the next shift will hold. If a candidates is unable to attend a training/shift for a valid reason, this candidate will be allowed to re-book for a double shift the next week to enable them complete a previous training that was missed.


It is important to have a valid reason for not attending a training. If a candidate fails to attend their training/shift without a valid reason, such day will be considered a loss to a candidate without refund, company may consider reschedule for an unattended training /shift day for a valid reason(s) and may allow for a rebooking of a training /shift day subsequently, provided company can accommodate.

Failure to attend a training/shift:

If a staff, or candidate miss their shift due to circumstances caused by Bethel Digitech company, example non-availability of a trainer etc. or due to company system issue, a candidate will be allowed to re-schedule their training /shift at no cost in the following week, and that means the candidate will have a double shift in  following week, provided our company can accommodate.


If failure to attend a training was as a result of a candidate's misconduct by candidate or a suspected misconduct of candidate under investigation etc., eg a candidate being violent, harassing or bullying our staff(s) or trainer, and if a candidate is found guilty, the judgment out come of the investigation will determine how or if a candidate will be allowed to continue a work Placement program ,and if to re-schedule their training at no cost. 



A shift may be suspended for misconduct or lack of payment of fees and this may result to the candidate to be at loss of a training/shift with no refund. Unless if the issue of misconduct is resolved and the company believes that such misconduct is not harmful to our company's image, or other candidates or company staffs or our business. Only then, before they are allowed to continue their training/shifts.


Misconduct  that is considered harmful to company image, business or our staffs or other candidates will result in termination of work placement training. If Bethel Digitech has terminated a candidate's work placement, there will be a refund of any remaining or unused fees paid by a candidate. 

Late fee may apply to delay in making payment of training fees of self sponsorship of month to month or quarterly 3months advance or monthly services charge payment fees. Late fees amount is at the 12% every week of delayed payment fees.

Interview Meeting:

Before a candidate is admitted to our job placement program, there will be a meeting/interview and this meeting may be recording for quality assurance purpose and to enable our team make decision on your admission for our training program.


All trainings, meetings, phone calls before boarding & during Work Placement training program may be recorded for quality assurance and training purpose. By accepting this terms and condition, you have agreed to video or and audio recordings or phone calls regarding your training program, your initial interview and any meeting or training, whether you finally came on board our work placement or not.

General Refund Policy:

Every candidate has an obligation to always have a read at this terms and condition for updates, should there be any update on this terms that may require them to change their decision and to end their work placement at anytime or at the end of a month or the end of a quarter, depending on the type of plan, either it be month to month or three months upfront. If a candidate is ending their plan based on a new update(s) on this terms and condition added that doesn't suit them then, Bethel Digitech will be happy to let them go and a refund of any unused amount will be given. 

Suspension due to non payment:

If a candidate is self sponsored or Bethel Digitech sponsored and did not pay up their fees at the end of any month, they may be suspended from attending thier work placement training and may not be allowed to attend their training until payment is made. And if/when they pay up afterwards, their training continues and it will be at the loss of the candidates for breaching of the payment plan. And a new months/next month will still be paid by the candidate(s) in full,  There will be no refund of any day(s) hour(s) missed during suspension due to delay in payment. The contracts of payment will still be running during suspension due to delay in payment by a candidate.

Our work Placement training is a minimum of 3 months initial plan. It could be on a Month to Month or 3 Months upfront payment basis.


Start date of contract/payment counts from the first payment date. Expiration of payment/invoice is a day before start/first date of payment. Eg: If the first payment was made on the 3rd of January, the next payment due date will be 2nd January. 

If a candidate delays in payment of fees on subsequent month(s), this said delay does not change payment due date or expiration date. First payment due date is considered start date. Invoice issued date is not considered start date. Next payment due date is a date before the FIRST payment date.

Continuation Policy:

Bethel Digitech is not under any obligation to allow a candidate to continue a work experience program after expiration of a first  month or after expiration of the 2nd or even the 3rd month, the first 3 months etc.


To continue work placement program with us,  Bethel Digitech would like to know why a candidate require further training/skills and only if approved, will a candidate be allowed to continue, as Bethel Digitech has the sole discretion and sole right to allow an individual continue beyond their first month or their first 3 months work placement.


A candidate could be disallowed from continuing their work placement beyond the first 3 months for several reasons. Bethel Digitech reserves the sole discretion to allow a candidate to continue or not.


Disallowing Factor:

There are many factors that may result in disallowing a candidate from continuing their work experience program Eg:- If an individual does not seem to require further skills as reported by their trainer, mis-conduct, violation of company's data privacy or policy, violation of any company policy, lack of seriousness, bullying, disrespecting our staffs, disrespecting trainers, disrespecting tutors disrespecting any member of management or disrespecting the company management in general. If a candidate is unable to meet up with training skills, also, if the company feels an individual does not seem to be catching up with the training skills. And in general, the company may disallow an Individual for reasons that may not be disclosed that may pose risk to company security or the security and safety of our staffs or other work placement candidate. 


A candidate can request to switch their sponsorship plan or a change of their skill by writing an email to from self sponsorship to Bethel Digitech sponsorship or from Month to Month plan to 3 months upfront payment plan, or from Bethel Digitech sponsorship to self sponsorship. etc. And only if approved, that the management may allow a candidate to switch to a new plan or new skill.

A candidate is required to submit their CV a government proof of ID by email to Bethel Digitech before they start their training which will be used to verify their identity and for company security and data privacy reasons, and also to enable Bethel Digitech determine if they are eligible to come on board our work placement or if their choice of skill match their background or education.


A candidate can change their skill set before they start their training provided it has been approved by Bethel Digitech management. Only if approved will a candidate be allowed to start their training.

End of contract/Character Reference:

At the end of the first three months, work placement training automatically ends. And if they are still seeking to continue, acquire further skills, support or to continue their work experience training, Bethel Digitech is not under any obligation to allow them continue this training. Bethel Digitech has the sole discretion to allow or disallow a candidate to continue this said training beyond 3 months, or to give them further support or to assist with job search tips. If any further support will be given to them by Bethel Digitech after the end of their first three months plan, this will exclusively be at the discretion of Bethel Digitech. Most especially Bethel Digitech management would like to know the reason a candidate requires further training after 3 months. Only on a valid reason may we consider continuation.  A Character reference may be given to a candidate if required by a candidates employer or any other organization, stating the duration which they have attended a training program with us either by email or telephone as requested by them.

This terms and condition shall be updated from time to time, to suit service delivery and updated information therein is fully applicable to both boarded and on boarding candidates, provided they partake in our training. Any one who feels an update of our terms is not suitable anymore reserves the right to withdraw from this program by informing Bethel Digitech management. A candidate is not required to give advance notice to withdraw from their work placement training. We can arrange their withdrawal immediately. 

I have read all the details regarding Bethel Digitech job placement program, and I agree to this terms & condition on this website. I can confirm that all the details, terms & condition are very well understood by me. Thus, by clicking and submitting this form, I have agreed to the terms and condition.

Bethel Digitech

Management Team

Updated 13TH JULY 2021