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      Terms and Condition

        This agreement will be between

The Company: Bethel Digitech Limited

The Contractor/Supplier: A Programmer, a Developer a designer or An Engineer


  • You must update your work on your time sheet on daily basis unless a day you did not work

  • You must present your work to your supervisor, project manager or director on weekly basis

  • You must move your work to Bethel Digitech approved cloud environment daily/weekly

  • You must not keep any work in your local database or hosting environment

  • You must keep all information, data and ideas of any job which you are carrying on for Bethel Digitech highly  confidential, and  a serious non-disclosure attitude is required. Any disclosure of a job , idea, project you are involved in with Bethel Digitech will be considered a breach of agreement and may result in a legal action taken. 

  • A contractor/supplier is required to submit through email 2 copies of proof of ID to Bethel Digitech before stating a role in form of pdf, png or jpeg file as requested by Bethel Digitech and a copy of a proof of Address as described by Bethel Digitech.

  • Supplier/contractor full name(s) identity and location will be confirmed by documents submitted by contractor/supplier 

  • This agreement is not an employment contract, but a supplier agreement binding only for the rendering of a specific service to Bethel Digitech.

  • All work must be move to Bethel Digitech Cloud environment/Data/hosting platform immediately after programming/development daily or weekly as approved by Bethel Digitech authorised person. Unless permitted to hold it for a day or two by your approved project manager or project director

  • If your time sheet is not completed accurately, this can result in your payment been delayed.

  • Your payment will only be approved by our QA Team as validated by your projected director/manager only if your work has been reviewed and verified as requested by your project director/manager.

  • Your payment may be on weekly basis, two weeks basis, 3 weeks basis or monthly basis etc. as agreed with Bethel Digitech. If there is no milestone/sequence agreed, Bethel Digitech will use their discretion to pay you in sequence gapping weeks between each other as supplier carry on and deliver his/her job as required. Weekly basis doesn't not translate to exactly 5 days or 7days, it could be earlier or later, depending on rapport and work deliveries. Same is applicable to two weeks basis and monthly basis etc.

  • Payment method: A supplier will either be paid through a money transfer, bank transfer or directly into your bank account your local bank account through a means that is available for Bethel Digitech

  • We are not going to pay you into any foreign bank account, and no one can receive your payment on your behalf. Your payment must be paid directly to you in your name as on the proof of ID you submitted. 

  • A number of factors which could result in delaying a payment of a supplier; not limited to the following: (a) If a supplier delay in finishing programming, development or design etc. of a job given up to a point or a level as instructed by a project director or a project manager. (b) If a programmer, developer or designer fails to migrate a job from his local drive into a Bethel Digitech Cloud environment as instructed (c) Time sheet discrepancies which a supplier is responsible. (d) If a supplier fails to deliver a job as instructed by Bethel Digitech etc.

  • If you are not delivering your work as requested my Bethel Digitech, we reserve the right to terminate your work arrangement immediately with no form of liability, and such case, you will only be paid for a job we have receive satisfactorily into our Cloud environment and handed over to us, fully submitted to us into our chosen Cloud Environment/Database/Cloud base.

  • If you are or were paid by Bethel Digitech even if you did not yet submit a work that you have done, programmed, design or developed and if we have not yet received your work update in our Cloud Environment/Database/Hosting platform, it does not automatically mean that our stands has changed of only paying you when we have received update of a your task in our approved Cloud Environment/Database/Hosting platform, and validated by a supervisor/project manager or project directorOUR STANDS. REMAINS THE SAME AND UNBROKEN. A project manager or a project Director at their discretion may approve/validate your payment to be released earlier than usual.

  • Carrying out a job is not enough for you to get paid. You must deliver a job/task update as expected or requested by Bethel Digitech into our Cloud Environment before any fund will be released to you. at stipulated time thus:

  • PAYMENT FUTHER EXPLAINED & Potential Damages:

  • If your payment is scheduled to be paid 2times, 3times or 4 times or more during your contract as a supplier, freelance or a contractor, it doesn’t necessarily mean in will simultaneously be a weekly, every two weeks, or every three weeks or every four weeks etc payment.

  •  That is usually supposed to be the case if you carry out your task as instructed by us (Bethel Digitech Management eg: Supervisor, Project Manager, Project Director.


  • if your contract is one month contract and you get approved to be paid twice, then it is usually supposed to be every two weeks

  •  if your contract is a one-month contract, and you get approved to be paid 4 times, then you are supposed to be paid every week

  • If your contact is one month and you get approved to be paid twice, then you are supposed to be paid every two weeks

  • If your contract is 6 weeks and you get approval to be paid 3 times, then you are supposed to be paid every two weeks

  • If your contract is 8 weeks contract and you get approval to be paid twice, then, you’re you are supposed to be paid every 4 weeks.

  • May not get paid if:

  • A freelance, suppler, developer, designer or an engineer carries out a job done unsatisfactorily and has not been approved or accepted by our company even even if their time sheet was approved that they have carried out the task so long as this said task/features has not yet reflected in our live app (application) as added function/feature on our live app/website, THERE WILL BE NO PAYMENT for such until features are added to live app/website and approved and accepted by us. Payment is only be approved and validated for jobs done, approved and accepted by Bethel Digitech management.

  • Authorised persons to approved and accept jobs are a supervisor, a project managers, a project director or a decision maker of Bethel Digitech.

  • PAYMENT SCHEDULE: - All the above mentioned will seriously be depending on the time it takes you to finish your expected task, you may be paid every week or every two weeks or every 3 weeks or every four weeks as applicable to you.

  • But you could also be paid earlier or even later than any of the above stipulated time. This means every week could stretch into the next week or more, every two weeks could stretch longer till after two weeks or more, as well as every 3 weeks could stretch longer than three weeks or more and every 4 weeks could also stretch longer than 4 weeks or more, as applicable to you.

  • Depending on when it takes you to finish your expected task as instructed by Bethel Digitech management, through to when we carry out checks on what you have done so far before your time sheet is approved by a supervisor and to validate your time sheet for payments by a Project manager or Project Director, and giving time to advising our accounts team for payment.

  • We will not tolerate any harassment, provocative words, or bulling of our staffs about your payment as this may easily result in immediate termination of your contract/working arrangement/agreement. And if you have been terminated for any of the above reasons; You must immediately provide all access to our data/date base/host servers etc exactly at the level you have reach in your task of this said programming/production/development or design to enable us to give the said ongoing project to other programmers immediately as we want etc.

  • If you have refused to submit all our product and projects in your care as mentioned above immediately , you will not be paid any outstanding and legal action may also be taken against you, depending on how you handle the issue and Bethel Digitech Limited may charge you for damages and demand from you of all our loses and expenses for this said development, design and or production including and not limited to the cost of all our production of all staffs expenses incurred, all suppliers and contractors involved and all expenses incurred on different tools and websites sponsored to have reached this said level of production/development etc. and whereby your continuous actions have resulted to further loses to the company if your action have caused continuous damages to this said production or development, including all our legal expenses will be demanded from you and we will uses everything within all our power to pursue legal charging against you for causing damaging to our business. We will not tolerate an individual who quickly wants money with an intentions just to get a first and or second payment and abandon our work after putting up unbearable attitude thereby causing loses, harm and damages to ur business. Any such behaviour may result to legal action been taken against such individual.

  • We wish above all things that you stay within the law in handling our agreement and working arrangement.


  • If your contract date/week/month elapses and you have not yet completed your job within the time frame as agreed with Bethel Digitech Limited, you will be under a stricter condition of working/supervision with Bethel Digitech management team to complete your job.


  • If we suspect any data privacy risk or any other behavioural concern or suspicion that you are unable to finish our work any sooner as we expect, may be due to the fact that you are having difficulty with your capability or anything else causing delays from your end, during your working either within the original stipulated contract duration or elapsed time allowed, we may terminate your contract immediately and you may only be paid for the work that has been approved and accepted by Bethel Digitech.


  • IF YOU HAVE BEEN PAID PREVIOUSLY FOR SOME WORK WHICH WE HAVE APPROVED AND ACCEPTED, that will remain the final amount you will be paid. And if you have carry out more jobs that that has been approved and accepted, after you might have been paid previously you will be paid such amount as finally and our project will/may be given to another individual, you will not be paid the full amount agreed as we cannot pay you for work not yet done/approved or accepted.


  • If we choose not to terminate your contract due to any of the above concerns, or if there are no concerns at all. We may allow you more time to finish this work given to you and only after we have approved and accepted your work that you will be paid.

  • you may work under stricter conditions/supervision during when you are still allowed to finish any work if any concerns or overlaps time.

  • DECLARING YOUR JOB:- A developer, programmer, designer, engineer who will create a software, web or mobile or web app or designer must give us daily updates of progress as they add any new required features etc or maintain or upgrade existing features and will deliver this app with an admin panel, cloud, data base, server etc.

  • So, Bethel Digitech management can have full control and access or manage all the things easily at our end.

  • You must share a live link with us to enable testing easier and to enable us to check each module in the development phase from start till end to carry out continuous review of each flow of development and or design.

  • A developer, programmer, Designer or Engineer have an obligation to show Bethel Digitech Team all locations of all the jobs you have done when ever it is requested by Bethel Digitech to an authorised person. Failure to declare or show all hosting location or database location or server of your job done so far to an authorised person, will be consider a breach of agreement and damaging to our investment and a legal action may be taken against this programmer, developer/designer/engineer, plus money/payment due will not be paid until you have fulfilled your obligation. 

  • Bethel Digitech is not under any form of obligation to retain/keep a contractor/supplier after they have finished their work. for a contractor, supplier to be retain for future work, it will be at the sole discretion  of Bethel Digitech management.

  • Your last payment

  • Your last payment will be on hold until we verify that you have finished your task as agreed and you must hand over and submit all finished programming, development, data, data base, server, cloud environment, passwords etc as applicable to your production/design/development or programming. Everything that concerns/regarding this said programming of software development/engineering or design must be given and submitted to Authorised Bethel Digitech Limited person to verify and approve that you have handed over the job in full/total access given to Bethel Digitech Limited, before your final payment will be given.

  • If Bethel Digitech management or/and Bethel Digitech project managers/Project Director(s) are not satisfied with your working eg: skill(s) attitude etc. Bethel Digitech reserves the right to terminate your working arrangement immediately without notice, with no liability whatsoever and any job you have done so far must be handed over with immediate effect, only then will your payment due of a job that you have done well only be paid. This said job must be handed over/submitted to us into our chosen Cloud Environment/Data/Cloud base/server. And if you have not submitted a job fully, you will not be paid and legal action may be taken for damages. 

  • This agreement starts from the day you start working and filling your time sheet and ends when you have completed your work as approved and verified by your project manager or Director. 

  • There will be an email conversation on amount agreed upon and milestone/sequence of payment.

  • This terms and condition may be modified from time to time to suit our business and our suppliers and you have an obligation to always read our update to enable you decide if you still want to continue working or not

  • If a supplier/contractor/freelance did not deliver our work in full, or refuses to complete or hand over our job to us, meaning if you did not hand over all access to where our information not limited to data, codes, apps, websites etc. as agreed or any type of web account created in your name or our name that contains information of our apps, websites etc. are stored and or work of what we have contracted you for. And if any money has been paid. You are obliged to refund all money paid to you in full immediately it is requested for. Else, we may proceed legal action to recover all money paid to you and you will also be liable for including any legal fees, including all other payment  and cost given to other suppliers on the said project you are involved in and all other logistics expenses made in the process of chasing after our money from you. You shall pay all of the above money(s) etc. All such  payments/refund shall be made into a given bank account only in the name of Bethel Digitech Limited.

  • Even if a supplier/contractor/freelance did not apply directly for a software developer/software engineer, mobile app developer, UX/UI Designer role on this website. Provided you started a job or a supplier, contractor or freelance as a developer, engineer or designer and got paid at least once by Bethel Digitech Limited, provided there has been an evidence that we informed you about this terms and condition either verbally, by messaging or by email or that we have shared this link with you, you are fully legally bound by this T&C. If you have applied for a role of a software developer, engineer or designer, we do not have to informed you any more before this agreement is binding, you are required to have read this and agreed before you checked the box on your application. If you make us in-cure unnecessary loses we may also sue you fo damages depending on how you have handled ti.

  • A supplier/contractor/freelance is free to contact a lawyer for assistance to interpret this terms and condition.

  • All meetings may be recorded on our teams meeting platform for quality assurance and training purpose.





As written below, this terms and condition may be modified from time to time to improve our service delivery. And if a supplier/contractor or a freelance feels uncomfortable to continue this contract due to new modification, they are free to exit this contract and terms of payment as stated above will seriously apply and affect their payment as stated above.


  • As i have checked/ticked the box on my application form, I declare that I am above 18years and I confirm that I have read and well understood this terms and condition and I agree to abide to all the above and subsequent modification. Checking the box therein and submitting this form is exact same thing as signing a legal contract and this is seriously legally binding. Bethel Digitech Limited can carry out legal actions if any violation by supplier/contractor using this E-Document.


     LAST UPDATED 01-10-2020


         London HQ

       71-75 Shelton Street

       Covent Garden

       London WC2H 9JQ

       United Kingdom


     Nigerian Office

      54b Adeniyi Jones Avenue,

      Ikeja 100282, Lagos Nigeria


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