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Fee is £35
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Work Placement

Important information

If we do not receive your registration fee, we would not be able to process your application.

Almost every body who apply for our Work Placement is most likely to be onboarded for a work placement provided you have demonstrated that you are in need of a work placement at the time of your application it.  Please, note that paying your registration fee does not automatically mean that we must offer you a work placement if you display certain unwanted characteristics.

Some factors that may result in an application to be declined are as follows and not limited to

Suspicious or and bad behaviours eg; Mis-conduct, been aggressive to our staffs, insulting staffs, false information about one's self and or misleading information about your identity eg: address, CV, educational background etc.

A candidate must be of good behaviour to qualify for an onboarding and according to our terms and condition which has been checked on our application form on our website during your application for work placement.

Ticking the box of our terms and conditions confirm that you are above 18 years, you have read and understood the terms and condition of registration and application for Bethel Digitech work placement and professional industry experience. You understand that the registration fee once paid is non-refundable irrespective of the outcome of your application and doesn't in any way guarantee enrolment or offer of a work placement with Bethel Digitech or Bethel Careers. Payment transaction cannot be cancelled or amended.
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