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Business Operations Associate

Virtual Remote Role

Bethel Digitech Limited, RC Number - 1788260, 54B, Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria is looking for a BUSINESS OPERATIONS ASSOCIATE

This is an entry level position to work remotely/from home.


 Applicant must have the following:-

- A laptop
- A smart phone 

- Minimum 4G internet

- A quiet and bright environment to work 


Applicant must possess the following qualities:-
- Must speak English very well

- Must be a tech savvy
- English level must be above 95%
- Must have a very clear and audible English language
- Should be confident, agile, patient, and have no emotional imbalance.
- Must live in Africa or Asia Preferable Nigeria , Ghana, Philippine or India etc.

- Must have a quiet and bright environment to work remotely suitable for video meetings.

What you need to know?
1. Working arrangement could be freelance, Part time, full time or either

of the above three options?

2. Work hours could be 2 to 3 hours per day for part time working and/or Full time working hours from 6 to 8 hours per day or more. With one hour unpaid break in between working hours. 

3. Training hours will be considered work hours and will be paid for by Bethel Digitech. 

4. Training hours are maximum of 1 to 3 hours per day. And after training, hours likely to change.

 - Renumeration:- 
- Option 1.  ( Between $1 to $5 per hour)

- Option 2. (Between $5 to $15 per hour) 

Salary expectation should be based on your experience and capability-
- And after training; if you are working without shadowing anyone/trainer, you would be allowed to work more hours exceeding 3 hours daily depending on availability of task, to give you chances to increase your income.

- This role may be paid in US dollars or your currency.

Comprehensive details of daily task will be shared with successful candidate(s)

If you are happy to proceed, please apply for this role by filling the form below and send your CV to the following email:  apply@betheldigitech.com

Please Apply for this role by Filling the Form Below

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Bethel Digitech Limited
54b Adeniyi Jones Avenue,
Ikeja, 100282,
Lagos, Nigeria


Business Operations Associate
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